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South Shore Party Rental

A family-owned business since 1994 we strive to make your event a success!  We do not travel more than 1 hour from Erie and we limit the number of events we can do in one week to ensure that each customer gets the attention needed. Limiting travel and keeping a limit on the number of events also allows us to supply high quality and clean items that are delivered and installed by qualified employees.

Rental Information

Reservations & Deposits

We advise you to reserve your rental items as far in advance as possible to ensure the availability for the date of your event.

Upon reservation, a 20% NON-REFUNDABLE reservation deposit is required.

All changes to an order must be made 48 hours before scheduled delivery or pick-up.


Delivery is available for all items with a charge based on distance from our warehouse. Rates start at $20.00, which includes both the delivery and pick-up.

Deliveries are made to ground level or reasonable walking distance from the truck. Please ask for additional charges for deliveries up or downstairs or for long-distance carries.

On pick-up, all items must be folded, stacked, and placed where they were delivered.

Canopy or Tent

Our canopies need to be installed on grass unless other arrangements have been made. Because we have ropes and stakes that come out 3’ from the canopy, we ask for 6’ larger than the size of your canopy of unobstructed grass area. Example: 20’x20’ canopy would need 26’x26’ of area. Please notify us ahead of time if your area is smaller than that and we can determine if it will fit.

Utilities must be marked if tent/canopy is being installed in the front yard. Dial 811 – Ten (10) days in advance.

Please remove all lawn furniture and other obstructions from the area the canopy will be placed and remove any dog droppings before we put up the canopy AND before we come to remove the canopy.

No fires within 50 feet of canopy.

Tables and Chairs

We will stack the tables and chairs under our canopy or another area if no canopy is ordered. We do ask that they are torn down and stacked the same way for pick up. We charge for set up and tear down.

Please store undercover, they cannot be left outside exposed to the weather. If you did not rent a canopy, store in a garage or other sheltered area.


All dishes must be washed/rinsed completely of food! Scraping the food off is not acceptable. The rental charge will be doubled if dishes are not washed/rinsed!

Return dishes to proper racks/containers supplied.


Please do not place used linens in plastic bags. They will mildew and the renter is responsible for the damage.

We will launder the linens but we do ask that they are returned “shaken” to remove any loose food or other items.

Wax is removable from linens, but if there are burn holes there will be a replacement charge for each linen damaged.

Insurance / Safety

Insurance - Make sure that any company you use has a minimum $2,000,000 liability insurance and workmen’s comp for their employees.  In the worst-case situation that a guest or a company’s employee gets hurt at your event or on your property, you want to make sure the company you deal with has adequate coverage to cover any liability or their attorney will turn towards you for compensation.

Safety - Delivery, and installation of tents, dance floors, and other equipment require training and experience to do it correctly and safely.  Make sure you deal with a company that adequately trains their employees and has a qualified representative at delivery and installation

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